A brief history of the gm(48) - Part 1

In the first of a series of posts, I will describe the history of how the gm(48) came to be, as seen from my perspective. Learn what insights and ideas shaped the gm(48) as it is today.

The very first version of the website went live in October, 2014. Kyle Kubik, known as /u/username303 on the subreddit, built the website, as we were having trouble organizing the game jam on the subreddit. It helped tremendously, but the website was sorely lacking, and Kyle didn't have significant experience with building websites. As a testament to that, the unique identifiers for games was their title, which meant that no game could have the same name.

The first version of the gm(48) website went live in October, 2014.

We discussed whether we should pay someone to build it or let it stay as-is. It was at this point that I stepped up to the plate, and offered to build the new website. I had made a few websites before, but I had never touched a database, or had any inclination what PHP was or how to code it. I taught myself PHP, SQL & JavaScript, and well, two gm(48)s later, the new website was live.