Hello World!

Are you also interested in web- and game development? My blog is definitely something for you then!

I work primarily with web- and game development. In fact, my biggest project was intertwining the two. The thing that the two branches share, the thing that I love most, is the user experience. It matters a lot to me, that every user has an great experience with something, that I've had my hand in defining. Be that a video game or a website.


I find that they both can benefit from looking at each other's designs. For example, to encourage user engagement on a website, I introduced a leveling system, where you gain experience from interacting with the website. This had a clear effect on the amount of user activity on the website. I borrowed design from game development, and put it to use in web development. That's called gamification.


I don't expect to find a career in game development. It isn't a big thing (yet) in Denmark. That's why I've chosen to focus on web development. You can always find work in that industry. Freelance, or in a web bureau. It's also an constantly evolving environment. I feel that, with the exception of virtual reality, that game development has become a bit stale. In contrast, browsers can't keep up with the latest web standards, and there's a new JavaScript framework every day.


With all of that said, I expect to keep up with the latest in web- and game development news. I want to share my own findings as well. The insights that I have gained from my projects. The resources that I've gathered from my work. The techniques from behind my creations. You can expect to find much more of that type of content on my blog in the future.


If that interests you, then follow me @tehwave on Twitter.